Outdoor and Through-the-Wall ATMs

Nautilus Hyosung 5100t series ATMIf your retail location has access to busy sidewalk or heavily foot trafficked area, and outdoor or through-the-wall ATM ATM might be a good choice for you. These ATMs are typically accessible for use 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and in the right location can earn significant fee revenue (which we share with you on one of our revenue sharing programs).

In addition to the direct revenue opportunities, having an ATM conveniently located to your business brings significant benefits, including increased revenue and decreased credit card fees as more transactions will be made with cash.

Free ATM Service makes it easy to get started. When working with us, we:

  • Place an ATM FREE of charge
  • Maintain liability insurance
  • Are responsible for vandalism and theft to the ATM
  • Keep the ATM adequately stocked at all times
  • Monitor the ATM online for any problems or low cash

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