Mobile ATM Service

Interested in ATM Service for your next event?

Mobile ATM Service

Mobile ATM at a recent event

Good idea. Events with ATM service typically see a significant increase in transaction volume and overall revenue.

Whether your event is a festival, concert, fair, indoors or outdoors, Free ATM Service can help. We will place an ATM at your event, handle every aspect of the setup, monitoring, stocking and tear down, and you can enjoy the many benefits of an ATM at your event, with none of the hassle.

With a mobile ATM from Free ATM Service, you can expect:

  • We place an ATM at your event, FREE of charge
  • We provide signage, security features, and the required wireless communications
  • We maintain all required liability insurance
  • Timely and efficient setup of the mobile ATM by our professional staff
  • Monitoring of the ATM for technical problems or low cash
  • Technicians on standby for cash maintenance and any required service
  • A no-hassle experience, with outstanding customer service


To learn more, or to get the request an ATM for your event, contact us today.