Hotel ATM Service

ATM’s are a great convenience for your hotel guests, and can drive additional spending in hotel retail locations like gift shops, bars and restaurants. And with a free ATM placement from, your hotel can enjoy all of the benefits of having an ATM, with none of the upfront costs or maintenance hassles. We handle everything, including the initial placement of the ATM, stocking it with cash on a regular basis, maintenance, monitoring and insurance.

Benefit of an ATM from at your Hotel include:

  • Save on credit card fees as more customers pay with cash
  • Hotel guests like and expect access to cash
  • Increased revenue in hotel retail locations. Cash burns a hole in peoples pockets.
  • No hassle. We handle the initial placement and all ongoing maintenance, cash stocking and monitoring
  • No worries. We carry liability insurance and will be responsible in the unlikely event of vandalism or theft to the ATM

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