How It Works

Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE Series ATMGetting started with Free ATM service is easy.

1) Contact us to Get Started

In our initial consultation, we will review our services, ask you about your business or event, and determine which ATM machine (or machines) is the best fit for your needs.

2) We install a Free ATM at your Business

Our experienced technicians will install a ATM at your business or event, free of charge. We will handle all aspects of the installation of the ATM, including initial cash loading.

3) We Monitor and Maintain the ATM

We monitor the ATM to detect when it is low on cash or if it has a service issue. We keep the machine stocked with cash, and respond to any service problems. We also perform preventative maintenance on the ATM, and carry liability insurance so that we are responsible for any theft or damage to the ATM, not you.

Some clients choose to handle the process of loading cash into the machine themselves. In those cases we will train you in the process, and provide ongoing support.

4) Enjoy the Many Benefits of an ATM

Having an ATM in your place of business (or at your event) has many benefits. An ATM puts cash in your customers pockets, and can increase your transaction volume and revenue. And with our revenue sharing plans, a portion of ATM fees goes directly to you.

Get Started

Contact Us online Click the button to get started, or you can reach a Free ATM sales representative at 505-321-5974.