Benefits on an ATM Machine

Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE Series ATMThere are many good reasons to have an ATM machine at your business or at your event.

  • Bars and nightclubs with ATM machines retain up to 80% of the money dispensed.
  • For other retailers with ATM machines, cash retention ranges from 30-40%.
  • Reduced credit card fees – with more transactions in cash, you pay less to the credit card companies.
  • Surcharge revenue – with our revenue sharing plans, a portion of the surcharge revenue is shared with your business.
  • ATMs are convenient for your customers.
  • ATMs can attract customers to your business who are looking to access an ATM. These customers often end up buying something.
  • ATM users have been found to spend an average of 25 percent more than non-ATM users.